Congratulations, by visiting this page you have taken the first step towards becoming a non-smoker and changing your life for the better.

You are well aware of the many benefits to stopping smoking:

  • better health
  • longer life
  • more money
  • more energy
  • look/smell better
  • no more pressure from GP or family
  • no longer slave to impulses
  • feel proud at overcoming a challenge
  • all very good reasons… so why not stop now?


Whether this is your first time stopping smoking or if you’ve tried to stop many times before Key Hypnotherapy will address many issues to tackle stopping smoking such as the fear of change and strengthening your motivation. We are bombarded with statements in the media that stopping is extremely difficult however, change is easier than we are led to believe.

Sessions are tailored to each individual and may also cover:

  • addiction
  • habit
  • cravings
  • behaviour modification
  • expectations
  • identity as a non-smoker
  • thoughts & emotions
  • support
  • goals
  • genes and neuroscience

Key Hypnotherapy works with the “Habit Centre” to resolve the part(s) that are determined to continue to smoke.

Only 5% of people who try to quit on their own are successful

APA, 1994

Why do success rates differ?

Hypnotherapy is an all encompassing and highly individual method engaging both the mind and body, consciously and unconsciously, and is delivered in diverse ways for change to occur. Hypnotherapy studies often produce positive results however, researchers cannot pinpoint which factors are responsible for its success, therefore replicating the method when tailoring to each individual is not possible and can produce mixed results.

Why does it cost more?

Stopping smoking sessions require a longer first session to gather information and tailor the therapy and include 2 follow-up sessions in the price.

If you are interested in quitting smoking and would like to find out more, please contact us today.

No matter how long you have been a smoker your body will benefit when you stop smoking

Within 20 Minutes of your last cigarette

Blood Pressure drops to normal.
Pulse Rate drops to normal.
Body temperature of hands and feet return to normal.

8 Hours

Chances of having a heart attack reduce.

48 Hours

Nerve endings begin to re-grow.
Ability to smell and taste enhances.

72 Hours

Bronchial tubes relax making breathing easier.
Lung capacity increases.

2 Weeks to 3 Months

Circulation improves.
Walking becomes easier.
Lung functionality increases 30%.

1 Month to 9 Months

Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease.
Lung cilia re-grow increasing ability to handle mucus leading to cleaner lungs.
Body’s overall physical energy level increases.

5 Years

Lung cancer death rate for average smoker almost halves.

10 Years

Lung cancer death rate down to almost that of a non-smoker.
Pre-cancerous cells are replaced.
Other cancer risks decrease.

Source: Institute of clinical hypnosis

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